Peter Mensching

Peter began his career at a very early age as his three generations of theatrical construction history preceded him which started from his great grandfather coming to this country from Germany. His great grandfather started a theatrical hauling company which moved scenery from the shops to the vaudeville stages. His grandfather started CBS’s first studio in New York at the onset of television which included the Honeymooners, Ed Sullivan Show and many other stages. Peter’s father worked in the legitimate theatre industry as a senior foreman for the largest scenery manufacturer in the United States during the 1950 and 1960s. Peter took quickly to the industry and started with his father at the young age of seventeen. He then started working in various high profile scenery shops around the northeast tri-state area in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

In 1984, he started his first company with a co-founder called Showtech. Showtech took the industry by surprise re-inventing the technical aspects of show fabrication and automation and helped take it to a new level. By 1993, Showtech was one of the largest theatrical manufacturing facilities in the nation.

Peter transitioned into the permanent architecture field at the tail end of his involvement with Showtech while manufacturing and installing the popular Treasure Island Ships at Treasure Island Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Peter quickly realized the need for a “Themed” manufacturing operation in the Las Vegas Valley to support the growth in this new arena which was rapidly growing, thus the incarnation of Themeing Solutions.

Peter has a natural God given talent for taking a clients vision, seeing it 3-Dimensionally in his head, and creating it perfectly with his well-adversed team to meet and/or exceed their expectations.

Peter has been involved at the top end of many “Themed” projects in Las Vegas as well as all around the country.

To name a few: Star Trek the Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, Treasure Island Ships and Interior Themeing, Mohegan Sun Casino of the Sky in Connecticut, Cosmopolitan Bead Chandelier (one of the largest in the world) at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Choctaw Casino’s in Oklahoma, Disney Florida and Hawaii, Silverton Casino Las Vegas entire themed remodel, Macy’s New York Stella 34 Marble Bar and many more.